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TNT Bootcamps is not a gym.  We aren't a gym environment of intimidating size, boring cardio equipment and useless machines.  TNT Bootcamps is a part of TNT Personal Fitness, LLC and was created for people who are not gym-goers and prefer an "appointment" to get them to workout and who want guidance and knowledge to push them through their workouts.  You can say we are the anti-gym.  Our program is personal training in a group environment and our clients love it because it's a fraction of the cost of one-on-one, yet the personal attention is there.  AND we don't have a registration fee AND you can try out the Program for FREE, just ask us how.
TNT's class sizes are limited to provide personal attention, whether it be to correct a position or push you to the next level.  There are various fitness levels in each class.  You work at your own level but push to your maximum effort.  We progress or regress any exercise when necessary.  
We utilize cutting-edge, bootcamp style equipment such as battling ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, suspension straps, medicine balls, sand bags, resistance bands and more.  These training tools provide killer metabolic workouts that combine the muscle-building effects of strength training and the fat-burning effects of cardiovascular exercise so you get the biggest bang for your fitness buck.  It has been studied that high-intensity interval training and circuits will burn far more fat and calories while using body weight and/or equipment that challenge your core along with your whole body. Gym machines that you sit stable on or boring cardio equipment will not provide the same benefits. 
TNT Personal Fitness/TNT Bootcamps is also host to one-on-one training and other class types such as Bags & Bells, Cardio/Core, Bodyweight Bootcamp, Mission:Muscle.  Our goal is to provide something for everyone and create a hardcore community of fitness fanatics or people looking to drop some lbs.  We are proud to be able to offer a variety of fitness opportunities, that match our fitness model and complement each other.  See the Classes/Program Options tab for more information.

Metabolic Training Kicks Ass!

Metabolic Training consists of a fast-paced and intense workout using resistance training to accelerate the heart-rate while building muscles with minimal rest to get a metabolic effect.  This Metabolic effect will continue to burn fat for 24-48hrs after your workout if you put in your maximum effort.  Cardio and resistance training are the perfect match for fighting off stubborn fat.

Because we have appointments outside of the studio, email is the BEST way to get in touch with us.