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Program Info & Options

A Fitness Program for Weight Loss
or Muscle Maintenance

Our Fitness Program was created for people who need to drop just a few pounds or many pounds or for those who want to increase their fitness abilities and maintain their muscle.  Not only do you get these intense, challenging, total-body workouts, but to start you off right, you will make an appointment for nutrition coaching where we will also take initial body measurements that include weight, body fat and circumference measurements.  We provide our clients with a packet of information including a jump-start nutrition plan, a grocery shopping list, supplement recommendations, tips to help you succeed and answers to questions you may have plus more.  You will be on your personal journey to reach whatever goals you set for yourself.  And we are there to help you.  You can be re-evaluated each month to see where you are at and to discuss whether your plan needs to change.  We pride ourselves on our service and our availability to help you.

Memorial Day 2015 Parking Lot Workout

Our members receive personal attention at each class, to correct form, change weights, push them harder, etc.  This is personal training in a group environment.  It is a fraction of the cost of one-on-one training.  Here is what else is inlcuded in your fitness (personal training) Program:

> unlimited metabolism-boosting, total-body workouts plus specialty classes each week designed and run by certified personal trainers
> Non-intimidating enviornment, we are NOT a gym
> Limited class size for more personal attention
>Weigh-ins, measurements, body fat tracking
> Jump Start nutrition plan to rid your body of toxins and set you on the right track
> Grocery shopping list
> Support emails that include clean-eating recipes, tips and news
> Nutrition coaching and goal-setting meetings
> FREE water refills
> Sweat towels available for use
> Various class times throughout the week, not just early mornings
> At home workout videos to maximize your results
> NEVER a registration fee 

New classes for more variety:

BAGS & BELLS:  cardio & strength fusion using just punching bags and kettlebells

MISSION:MUSCLE:  total body strength training utilizing just dumbbells or kettlebells

CARDIO/CORE:  Major calorie burn here combined with core/ab concentration 

OUTSIDE TRACK (seasonal):  At Indian Hills HS, segmented workout on track, football field, bleachers  

BODYWEIGHT BOOTCAMP (Saturdays):  no equipment, just your body as your machine 


No Excuses Beach Workout 

Grab a beach chair and follow me! 

TNT Core Values
  • Professional
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Available to our clients
  • Over deliver as much as possible
  • Continue learning
  • Always improving
  • Open minded
  • Be a role model
  • Strive to always do better

If we don't do right by our clients,
why would they keep coming back?

"those who want to be successful will find a way, those who don't will find and excuse"

Unlimited classes per week

12-month commitment $142/mo.
6-month commitment $157/mo.
3-month commitment $169/mo.
1 month commitment $192/mo.
12 classes = $216, expires 60 days from purchase date
10 classes = $190, expires 60 days from purchase date
8 classes = $160, expires 45 days from purchase date

TNT's Pumpkin Workout on Halloween

TNT's Formula For Success:





Because we have appointments outside of the studio, email is the BEST way to get in touch with us.